The story behind 'Chhaap' - the handblock print collection

Posted by Prashanti Alagappa on

This summer all of you were treated to these beautiful pastel handblock prints on white. But do you know all the efforts that went into the making of this collection...?

We thought we should introduce you to the people who made this collection possible. Meet the magicians from Taufik's workshop in Shahpurjat.


Work on this collection started more than a year back. Our team of designers worked closely with the artisans at Taufik's workshop to identify and design motifs colours and combinations to arrive at the 4 print motifs in 4 colour combinations, thus developing 16 unique prints.


While the prints were being finalised, the designers also worked with the pattern master and tailor on perfecting the fit of each of the 10+ styles of this collection.

It took more than 6 months to complete the printing of the entire 'Chhaap' collection with the first style being launched in Feb and the final styles which will be launched now in July. 

This is why it is called 'slow fashion'.... but then good things come to those who wait!!!


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